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city of dogs

jungle seeds house
the ending expanse
precincts as raised
sunken square toe
cone pyramid eyes
each sky to dome
rope stone binding
imitates the bulge
of an earlier wood
form over in grille
a snail observatory
the serpent header
in the burnt seed
down used quartz
kept dogs or bolt
no more but slow
its obsidian arrow
all for the trading

from the armchair
flattened pedestals
put to bald counts
they have piled up
soils and the soiled
still bruising of sea

palisade in waters
the false arch held
amid its vegetation
and the temple of
inscriptions tuned
to human sacrifice

moon pyramid all
added stucco mud
the missing temple
dubious room idol
as pilaster warriors
so sweetly to wind

baby faced jaguar
fled from tourism
each or then some
well spoken niche
so passes the clad
and squalid motif
amid the low land
of hills sunk pools
lend water cisterns
a plumage in stone
before petrification
takes off in biscuit
bas-relief of eagle
swallowing hearts
one half removed
the flesh workers
can labour dry can
fire snakes breath

harm fret patterns
taken for the gilts
the flanks bristled
daily life such as
methods for skull
flattening the child

stone masks well
almost everything
culled into facade
each dressed brick
from water canopy
to deserted capital

skull rack still flu
in the war cabinet
park figurines due
south low writhing
in the boring navel
and butterfly scarf

so called acropolis
reminiscent of the
name most of all
the stumps slaved
stelae in dots and
dashes zero shells
rarely this military
starring event dogs
slopes corporation
that and ritual kills
the brilliant frieze
maths to astroturf
then a wild horde
the make crusher
pilasters sacrifice
bag simple blood
the copal swallow
bled city to rushes

what’s the Mayan
for quick property
flutters giving the
coat plaster swish
really a city of the
dead and the fiver

they came by foot
and left in camera
bridge sunk below
the sea the greens
the stubble and in
wild horses friend
skeleton removed
for further cutting
remarks like their
academy from the
ashes scurf debris
by monolith glue
the style goes hand
in hand with dialect
church as instance
balustrade frenzy
before mass killing
squat flower cells
clear stripe dating
elaborate coiffure
the clay figurines
to crow fiery calf
coming up rosiest
of the rosey burns
distant precipice
sparks from land
of black and red
heart burn crane
the blood thirsty
no they did drink

[Drew Milne's books of poetry include Go Figure (2003); Mars Disarmed (2002); The Damage: new and selected poems (2001); Bench Marks (1998); and Sheet Mettle (1994). He edits the occasional imprint Parataxis Editions, and has also edited Modern Critical Thought (2003); and, with Terry Eagleton, Marxist Literary Theory: A Reader (1996). He's the Judith E Wilson Lecturer in Drama and Poetry, Faculty
of English, University of Cambridge.]

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