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Poppy Heads

I walk to the edge of my pond-
heavy base diameter
harsh on wayward


I pondered the edge of my pond-
tips on my toes edging reflection
no way high soon possessive.
One hour is one.


I lope to the edge of my pond -
the bulk of my
me-body teeters
brink pressed inglenook. 


I balk at the edge of my pond –
Oh there it goes again+ 
slatters of déjà vu
un-nouns reoccurring.


I shimmy to the edge of my pond –
a short swagger on small water.
Fleckles of inner overheads. Street
cred newts pike apple eye. 


I float to the edge of my pond -
flutters bug me. Nothing is for
ever.  Floozy bye
you so long dragons fly. 


I stalk to the edge of my pond -
trembling like a leaflette. G/horn twig.
Tot fingers mince happy
stance so-so soft boned feelers.


I flitter to the edge of my pond –
yield of yutter words.  Black &
bleeding Decker strimdrop. Oh up shut.
Jumbo lump and backfin makes my crab crake.

[Geraldine Monk’s latest book Ghost & Other Sonnets was published in 2008 by Salt Publishing. She is currently working on Poppy Heads. Poppy head is a term for the miniature carvings adorning the end of church pews.  It is thought to derive from the French 'poupee' meaning  doll or puppet.

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