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you chill out by the pool
obtaining a wart or a crucifix
little boys offering you sandpaper and gel
separating the lines of an email with a razorblade
you come up with a song about potatoes
and how you used to look away when I took one from the shop
only to tell our friends about
how I’d rest it on an old jar and let it grow
and turn green

the dense flux of crickets is amplified by the stillness
mum pulls apart your old pink tank top
the cold shower, a shaken’ bake
handsome horses rocket by the bullet-proof glass
no doubt pausing somewhere beyond sight
to snort and consider our wedding

fireworks are projected onto the castle wall
the grass seems to flow down the hill like water
outrageously, the sentences I remember from the last few months
eat their way out of the fog
no surprises there
just men with old lead tongues, black capes
lining up for a shave or a tour of the lighthouse

pieces of you break off from my lashes as I blink
swallowing with dedication the milky dose
putting out this weeks trash
tying my laces so they don’t come undone
how did these cuts come to be on my hand
why can’t I eject myself out of remembering
like a beetle deciding to fly



a man walks into a room
in what ways is this autobiographical, he thinks
poor walls let in the sound of traffic
doom frozen on the computer
an old glass of ginger ale, mint leaves black
peace for a while as he reads the paper
then his thoughts converge with lust and the need to hear an ABBA song
details on a note reading
her impression intensified by the words she chose
champagne, rheumatoid arthritis, bluster
there was a brass plaque
outside the surgery, distortion
you’re a thin black needle
or a card with no picture on the surface surface



[Thomas Lee completed an honours thesis on W. G. Sebald and John Ashbery at the University of Technology Sydney in 2006. He spent his childhood on a farm in central west New South Wales. He now lives in Sydney]

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