Retrochronical self-trigger screened through temporal hubs. That datableed relies on cholera plus voodoo from digital supercharged waveforms, xenotransplant grafted for Sus genus skin. Underneath, it’s membranes loaded with crawl-space, the drains still circling these arterial circuits of tubes and ducts and vents. Quasihorizontal dimensions facilitate collinear space; the storeys of houses lend themselves to social delaminations in morphogenetic fields of repressive states. Entropic semiologies, exogenically protruding in lode-veins, they cipher these in situ cardinal numbers as technospecialist chains, from consecutive signs to global executions. Arcade consoles run systems of accumulation, point-blank infrared thermal scan set freely to black mirror runes. It will scare the fuck out of you.

The Cthulhu sun, cut through snake-cult time tags. These GIG-machines. No one stomachs their milk in this heat. Skinned ticks in geography form mutation recounts, the mouths still venomous and net-sentient as dentitions at the HD vid-unit. Overcrowding nova-retail that nameless networks think as streets, unfixed by virotechnic hunter-vaccines, vaults with hydraulic prison shank links. Continue this war. It just makes sense. Assembly circuits in werewolf feedback effects, cascading tickselves as needle ooze in tissues, the alien crypt-core might already be clear. RELIC this spectral megaflatline in scorch-punctures and medial spines of haemocommerce. The lateral web-states looped frozen in chimeric polymorphism that scavengers swathe in archaic dermagloss. Factual ghost-stacks punched out at coma-bay lanes.

Right now, emitting so much hate. Propagation maxim flipped over in invasive cities where 40m treatment spectrums erase canine spleen disintegrations, rabidities at stake. Knucklebone décor enclosed around wealth patrons in wartime regalia; state delusions of archived gains. There is no sleep. Metaformal public accumulation as pigs ransack baronets’ graves. Domestic space erupts again, connecting sans joining-swarming-pulsing its familiar pandemonium with lycanthropic death-waves. What if lupine shape-shift is a deracinated counter-meltdown? Ne-plus-ultra-spirits MAWED aeonic ruptures across ferro-vampire time-locks, determined on juggernaut cataclysms as subterranean gougings in state-machinic cryospheres. That is: disruptions lead from ankh-robotic paradigms that find themselves. That is: in total dismemberment.

Commodity forms as transmutation matrices: rhetoric saturation where each speck is an enclave of lack-absorbed subways, overheard and self-resonant as rent collected in crypto-geologic space. Not human and not there, your spectators are just carceral networks of psychopharmaceutical profit reforms from markings on the skin. These bite-rash-colonies sourced blueprints in fusion centre mission creeps, our body-codes hacked by covert police. The arithmetic logic is repeat negations to a kind of yes. Decrepit nuke tritium went underground in earthquake areas where synergy-labs pumped chem imbalance as air-breach syntheses. Saltire blockades. Think maleficorum counterclaims, the Kuiper belt projectiles with volatiles for bolidic hits. TONGS, diverse extractions fractured on wheel-limbed pyrescrapes.






[Juha Virtanen's publications include Back Channel Apraxia (Contraband Books, 2014) and, with Ulli Freer, Inoperative Synchronisation Comprehension Co-ordinate Discrepancy (Rot Direkt, 2014). He teaches contemporary literature at the University of Kent.]

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