My perspective is that these are poems from Europe, as I’m writing
this in Melbourne, regarding poems that are included in this feature
because I lived in Rome for six months last year* (and went to
Prague and went to Berlin and stayed in Rome). This is how I met
these poets or got to hear these poems. But I forget that Blackbox
Manifold is also based in Europe. Is that true? As a coral, it’s hard
to be sure. Corals reproduce both sexually and asexually. Poets
can reproduce like other humans but do not reproduce poetry.
Poetry reproduces poetry. If that is sexual or asexual depends
what role you think the poet plays. Corals are coloured by algae,
but also by their own proteins: we might think of poems as being
coloured by images, tones, language, or by the brown, green, blue,
red eyes of their readers. “Corals' many colours give it appeal for
necklaces and other jewellery … Red coral is very rare because of
overharvesting”. Coral is also used in cancer and AIDS treatments,
and in bone grafting.^ I hope you like these poems. Protect the reef!°

*Courtesy of the Australia Council BR Whiting Studio residency.

^ Information on corals taken from Wikipedia. Spelling has been
changed to preserve the differential.

° I mean the Great Barrier Reef, but all reefs and all corals.
Here are two links: that of the Australian Government:


and that of activist group Getup:


which has a petition.