let’s be lookly shapely recognisable
says the T/Sgt. giving the lecture
amongst the civilian population
not drift into disregard of uniform
rank and military protocol
after all we didn’t have to war
to be like these bums formly







if it is these holy rites of church
make these bonds magnificent
why in these matter-of-fact affairs
draw the line define the terms
but to say enough is as good as a feast






time of the assassins

now is their time
anyway they turn up trumps
aiming down at high windows
from other windows where they perch
on piles of textbooks casually






the new academician

the thick hard cock of his father
seemeth to him good
here is an aspergillum
to cast over the crowd
and keep as a memento






and my office

the stinking bureau
lavendered and deloused
she will claim it my rented
furniture and all feet up
she interviews the applicant





[Christopher Mulrooney is the author of toy balloons (Another New Calligraphy), alarm (Shirt Pocket Press), Rimbaud (Finishing Line Press), supergrooviness (Lost Angelene), and Buson orders leggings (Dink Press). He died in July 2015, shortly after submitting the poems above.]


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