Oedipa’s Sea Legs

Where are you sailing to they said /
shaved to within an inch
of their lives /
walking their youth
up & down the front / fingers
itching for cunt though they never

said so / paper money burning 
holes in their pockets
& their wallets

fat with Durex
& change for the same
3 songs / jeans so tight their balls

must be weeping / so much for the
future lads make mine
a schnapps &

lemonade / no ice //
you dancing they said /
well OK I said / dancing they said

as the room wobbled on its axis /
yes dancing they said
as the floor

gave way / O
dancing is the vertical
expression of horizontal desires /

drink up little one they laughed /
chin chin / & with that
CLINK / the salt-

piles got licked
& the whole thing started
again until I was drunk / blind drunk /

barely able to stand / let alone say
no / no / no / & that was as
good as saying /

yes / next thing
it’s the hard green felt of a
pool table / a tasselled ceiling fringe-

box swinging / & then / bang bang
bang / trying to remember
where I live /

only this back-
of-the-throat-Lynx / threw
me off the scent / think / think / think /

you’ve lived there for years though
it feels like bloody millennia /
think / only it

wouldn’t / come // the
bang bang bang bang chop /
ped i / t u / p i / n m / y m / i / n / d /

don’t stop us now / they said / don’t
coz we’re having such a
fucking good time

& then it
clicked / it all came back /
the address / Queen Street / old town





Jokasta Swings

What do Jokasta’s hands say?
I can hardly speak

What do Jokasta’s eyes say?
Thrill me honey don’t stop

What do Jokasta’s feet say?
It’s a honky tonk parade

What do Jokasta’s nipples say?
Why not take all of me

What do Jokasta’s arms say?
Without a love of my own

What do Jokasta’s lungs say?
I’m no good without you

What do Jokasta’s lungs say?
I’m no good without you

What do Jokasta’s lungs say?
I’m no good without you





Jokasta’s Wound

What a disappointing child you are what
a disafuckingppointment
I’d be lost

for words if
I didn’t speak so many
languages / thank FUCK I’m not a mon-

oglot like your father / I’d rather eat my
own kidneys I’d rather
drink my own

piss I’d rather
poke my own eyes out
(pop!) you / you / you poor unlovely girl

how like daddy you are / so blownapart /
your heart is such a





[Amy McCauley’s poetry, essays and reviews have appeared widely in UK magazines and anthologies including: The Poetry of Sex (Viking), Hallelujah for 50ft Women (Bloodaxe), Best British Poetry 2015 (Salt), Poetry Wales, The Quietus and The Rialto. Amy’s current projects include a collection of poems (Auto-Oedipa) which re-imagines the Oedipus myth and a creative/critical hybrid work on violence, language and desire. Amy is a PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University and poetry submissions editor for New Welsh Review.]


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