Under a bower
                the head rests on moist earth
 wetted folds in the neck evading sky
                light flashes through blades
the blaze of warming heat in haze
                a jubilancy, a shimmer,
                        a tremblant stress
of this rest drawn from the fresh dawn
as the sounds of words prick the ear
                 the clearing of light
                 pulled from the din

                           in the midday sun
merrily I squander myself
        drunk on borrowed time
as sheets of pollen lodge
        in nostrils and on tips
across planes of separate interest
                            the twitch and sniffle
                                         of seasonal joy
each sneezes their own regard

At the close
                           of the day
      from the sky
      exit currency
burning a decimal point
      through the solid earth
you know this
                           have seen it
                           thirty feet deep
what we call collapse

This ground beneath us
shifts in its constant
as we traverse the rise and fall
calling out the names

for those who have escaped us

we bring our flesh to our memories
press our memories into flesh
tied to a tiring expenditure
but still, effervescent in the crest of life

it’s the curvature of this skin
lost again in that slippage
a heart’s flutter at finger tips
a tripping spectral flash within




[Ed Luker is a poet and a writer. He is the author of Peak Return (Shit Valley Press, 2014), Headlost (RIVET. Press, 2014) and The Sea Together (Materials Press, 2016). He is currently working on a long prose-poem on detainment and attainment called Universal Attainment Centre.]

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