tr is a command


shuddering earth
speed lightning

camera shake
role voices rattle

battered now? faded?
steady boy

he writes?

tom raworth dies?
tom raworth news!

tom raworth dead?
tom raworth poems!!

expressing action
going on
performs habitually
the state
that currently or
generally exists

using the present




[Lawrence Upton ( poet and graphic & sound artist. Recent publications: wrack (2012); Memory Fictions (2012); Unframed Pictures (2011); and Some commentaries on Bob Cobbing (2013). He co-edited Word Score Utterance Choreography in Verbal and Visual Poetry (1998) with Bob Cobbing, with whom he also made Domestic Ambient Noise, spanning 300 pamphlets totalling more than 1800 pages and taking over 6 years to complete (1994-2000). 20 + text-sound compositions with John Levack Drever.  Second solo exhibition (“from recent projects”) September 2012, London. Made photo, synthesis (for solo viola) on commission to Benedict Taylor (2013) (Subverten CD).
Convenes Writers Forum Workshop (since Cobbing's death in 2002). Academic member Athens Institute for Education and Research.]

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