N-fold Ode, ‘On Beauty’

the moon rises between the cypresses,
poets note their nights,
making metrics of their days, feet
that today
                      (after taking so many years of steps
away from pulses
torn apart in school
while learning to read & write
from the translated classics, as kids),
                              feet that today escorted
a potted ornamental lemon
(iambically?) into the garage
away from predicted frost,
an act possibly reminiscent
of Eros’ ‘tenderness for plants’
at that early age when flowers
of the looks of girl-peers
were constantly getting shoved in his face

olives fallen & left on the ground,
abandoned riches, ruins,
who can redeem them?
Orpheus? Kore?
from the oblivion of the seasons,
from the summers looked back on

while the hermaphroditism of artichokes
remains a mystery quietly settled,
water is wrung from atoms
unable to quench choral authority & austerity

animals still get torn apart,
vintages of self-knowledge
slosh around in delicate craters, dry & wet
was the sky's taste
acquired now by meteorology

forgotten dialogue grows inundated by lyrics,
irrigation by words is taught,
as blood (while respected) evaporates in vapidity

of course it makes no sense in utopia or parallelograms
unless they unfurl as tantalizing maps

Aphrodite Speechless Beauty
experiments with ambidextrous touches
beyond reach of one leftist lover,
one rightist lover,
how love, she reflects, must love its love-nests,
her ageless Paphos
is like a pacemaker built of soul
implanted in the heart's rockiest coast

Sappho on record
in terms of an overpopulated mainland,
wind & rain
settle into fragments
stabbing the mud,
trying to take over the East

‘fetal alcohol syndrome’
was smashed in ceramics held together
by ‘something to do’,
maenads were throwing radishes
when under the fasting sun
heroes rushed like intermittent streams
home from the games




Earlier Observables in Memory of Niels Bohr

electrons arrive at a new level
                          of eloquence
                            or mundane (expression)
atoms of free thought
  in a molecule of
  half-harassed from
   vulnerable positions that momentum
    spirits away into (                                          ),
 who'll change
   from the energy released?  vikings
 pacified, as in their new bibles
 they pick out kennings or (                                       )
 while one or more cosmic language
 argues against
 control of the right-now-isolated soul &
   love induced in
    very small worlds, the family
    put in its place, shamelessly
    or modestly coordinated in functions
                                  (                                          )
 half-real given
  (totalitarian) differentials chained
    in duality to (it)
                                   (like Garm),
 weapons of mass destruction
 testing consciousness, sleep
  is so close, sleep
  comes out of hiding,
  (un-) (im-) partial measuring device,
 dream heat of alpha waves telling
 possible quantum demise of
   (reverts to lead,

       ) keep earth spinning
    masculine feminine common neuter
    accelerated particles collision
(                                 ) behind their laws
(                                 )
    metaphysical increments
    a textbook element of (                        )
     shadowing their remaining days
       into posthumous regions
    ‘a land of no rivers’, blessed or possessing
     in one of its shells
     ample rainfall
     to provide the increase of its fields


(later observables)

 quantum of action when karma
 vibrates relation to tainted (                                 )
   neutron a
    white cross superposed on
      cloud chamber, tracks untainted
      tolerance such
       real number advances
         Galileo's earth, moving wavelengths
         of winter wheat
photons (                              ) supplement now
 & then an incarnation, ingot
from third
        spot) world line
     political fallout
                           ly) sealed
     room, heavy
  retorts, heavy seeds, a bomb
     is wanted, enough
  potatoes to feed an army, yellow?
         (uncertainty) cake open to integrate
  saltwater particles on all sides
  cellars stockpiled with
    potential calories, drums
    of water
  hog & onions conserved in
  what happened from the first slander
  (                                                                 )
  forced from new world
  rowing initial conditions
  deep keel works, provokes
 critiques of collapsed motives
 contemplate Tivoli cyclotrons
 faith in where you are
 unpredictable outcome of variables
superpower creations
in the end (                 ) this small thing
if it would be told,
anglo-saxon futuristic
  grossest usage

infinite calculations (equals) pacified nothing
 the physicists are allowed to enjoy
  as guestworkers of


(further observables)

self-conscious mark
                                         ) granite & uranium continuous
photo (                                ) sensitive plate in
                 (                                         )
 darkroom, backroom
     diplomacy suspected
stars of
                (Freya)  (con-
mother conditions  
                             (                        ) (complimenting)
                  the long night
                       ing) light
                  the self-
                     unconscious peace
                                              (                                        )





[Dave Shortt is a longtime writer (from the USA) whose work has appeared over the years in numerous print & electronic literary-type venues, including Ygdrasil & Uut Poetry.  Recently, The Ekphrastic Review, Molly Bloom, The Journal, & Poetry Salzburg Review each published one of his poems.  In mid-2018 more are scheduled to appear in Peculiar Mormyrid & Knack Magazine.]

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