The Tropics of History

the apparent ephemeral
and transient

door of deer
at noon

the buckle
opens like an eclipse

beneath the palms
the smoke

the moving

tarnished watch
of the north sea

red inside
the apple chapel          

the wind still in my head
like a skin boat





nowhere island
and the procession artist
virtually the same

studied the maps
seraph by seraph

and time has come to find
a forgiveness machine
in the broad gauge dream

of the red chamber
a story stone
and wind storm

the clockwork radio
wants your s-shape
seahorse now





birds horses birds
beetles bats and hares
fish and snails and spiders

a little sadness
like a sound
in the river sky

a tart
salt water taffy
for lovers of the night

a margate elephant
footnote of whale
sky pulling sky

every city zoo
a small town cage
rusting trains

great game
poor metal

a gulf of rats
in the thatch
a horse from the woods

with stars




A Short History of the Allotment

coal mines
some crops still drop
into the hidden caves

an alphabet
based on vegetables
and grapevines

the spiritual violence of the times
makes people

hidden in the forest
with shadow and rime

a mask of a mammal
lost in the signal
where the drummer sings

stepping stars
to the bones
of tone

unfixed powders
dreams of love
and okra

the changing octopus
of consciousness
dots changing





this summer thinking

bicycle clouds in my eyes
the fence like a pair of glasses
the landscape in my forehead
two fingers take it blue

thinking about the mill
gets a headache
toy rainbow water
engine of the buttonwoods

the coffee ruined again
by the black hand of memory
the Vermont and the not
(blue) prairie schooner




[Tony D’Arpino is an American poet living in England. His most recent book of poetry is Floating Harbour (Redcliffe Press, UK). Other poetry has appeared in Molly Bloom, Barrow Street, The Clearing, Poetry East, and Glasgow Review of Bookss. ]

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