covered up with clouded callings

urban fringe relatives for whom
there is no imagery in place all eat
and shit and like to think that
change is there but through a
window in the channel tunnel at
the weekend with a cloak on single
full-on one hand bumping into
boroughs that belong an
architectural puzzle of the in-before
was feared they thought it even more
confusing and confused and then you
searched for what was so out of the
question and affirming that support
got silent at the bite of day to be
abandoned during that time spent
while wondering why anyone would
choose the type who stands around
and makes no effort to be outside of
anything that gravity contains so in
he went into their reconstructed
plan the solid amiable child who held
your vices with his will although his
short-tailed voles were left behind
so dimly lit and with the last of them
your form a choice of roasted peppers
or disgrace the bunker star millennium’s
lost dome astonishment at lightning’s
grasp a difficult time for all of us there
is no service happening your life was
started by mistake in subterranean
black my alter ego stakes its claim
within re-opened chapters on the sly
for it is known that once there was a
room where worst of all i killed off
all her smiles and stood behind my
reasoning while handling the point
i felt was needed with a steady
understanding touch a little troubling
at first but then exactly on the spot
that felt its way on down the spiral
explanation paths the cosmos
balanced by an unexpected alteration
plan just one more task but not quite
yet a simpleton that went he said she
said and that was then the last of it
although we talked it over once again
felt gritty made our union a form
among survivors groping thoughts for
consolation and support and then the
rabid laser class began disseminating
spores of life at both emaciated poles
that lay beyond the wreckage of the
deed caught with more urgency abreast
yet clearer and exposed before the
century of lights where infancy might
last the young distinctive well-honed
brains held out against the distance
was the least of what was happening
within the black gloved hand was still
and held your pure unmitigated bliss
the bold prophetic chants of violent
ends to humankind a fair ride’s
crust of puked-up candy floss you
whirled around again and used
creation in its telepathic mode as
many characters you picked
connected once again with life’s
exemptions be reflective and prepare
i smoothed the pillows in the hope
that both our retrospective quotients
might apply and fuel your foolish
fantasies again distinctive as that lost
discounted time its vast tectonic plates
collide and rumour has convinced the
panic buying hordes their days are
numbered by malevolent design the
datableed becomes a kind of sequel
to those early parapetic rhymes




[After many years of working at the coal face in business magazine publishing, Eddie Heaton, at the tender age of 61, signed up for a degree course at University of Bedfordshire, where he studied innovative poetry under Keith Jebb. Having successfully completed the degree course he now intends to embark on an MRes also in the field of innovative and experimental poetry .]

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