Fixing things slowly, the spider spacewalks.




On petals' wet metal daybroken clouds


bleed and leave. Objects




are the same in being not the same, down to


roots in air, tongues, fibres.




A fencepost surfaces in a misty field.




When I move inside my clothes


the electricity is being




gathered in screens.


Crawling towards the sky,




the tree earths its fruit in us.


The grass at the miniature hour is brittle,




mathematical birds are not singing for you.


Brain is crumpled inside




and statements fall like crows, predominant


ash of person as the lyrical wind




bewilders the leaves.




The burnish grass and stalked birds


and trumpet-tongued flowers and livestock,




all alive, listening, are full of their meat.




[Giles Goodland is the author of Capital (Salt, 2006), A Spy in the House of Years (Leviathan, 2001), Overlay (Odyssey, 1999) and Littoral (Oversteps, 1996). He lives in London and works in Oxford.]

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