the thin skull rule

strange is nothing like a lively anticipation
of l(aughter). this begs to know a wager find
from a wager disappearance
frequent a bar
thin skulled
yes voices raised
have seen him
danger. shall be the blithe ma(t)ins
spell every crack
in a greedy laugh
with every day struck it ended
Camus’s judge penitent wishes
as a matter of course to
run like a thoughtful
two columns



precisely. we want those wrapped around
that steel orb with tape, one more road swayed
violently in the waxy dust of ants. noosphere of their pupation
anxieties. all death does is settle the bones. or diffidence. the
morning fevers. the ones where we were kittens lapping up
resistance. everyone had a joke ready for the character
but now we are going, hopefully getting caught and the
central metaphor for the blue, your hips. we’ll sneak phallic
images into triangles before skinning the cat blood shit that
are all together. his hair kept getting into his sleep. plate of the
eyes. gently waken starting with her father’s nickname was
man, change your eyes and my apartment once, we might have
the how to. she came. startling force. all the long trips ahead.
let anyone who anyone who hears it come forth. it isn’t much



Hi steatite, ad hominem friend of my friend.
Harappa gloss cover. Symmetric key cipher
Ebb man, this pithy baby step, giant step won't
Metal considerations. Antlion chins form craters
Pits on palms. So.
Un Chien Andalou. But not ants. That won't}
Conical tonic hub. Gasoline diluted to syrup,
Loam loll niece of Chucky grazes, returns with
Nocturne love. Only the best sort. Hard to find
Whistler’s Old Battersea Bridge devoid DO {a
Stagehand feeds the jaunty ceramist secrets}



[Arkava Das is from Kolkata, India. Some recent work published in Moria, ditch, Venereal Kittens, Otoliths and BlazeVOX.]

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