fast track
aspirant crap
shopfloor shiftwork
gifted scraps
potlatch for
stopgap on
the job
variance facades
offset celibate
usage clocked
in to          
update bodies
mechanized for
a song





austerity measures
shock stimulus
retail sector
ego splits
partitive article
for cross-dressed
image trade-off
niche rite
by rote
dermal mark-downs
to cash-strapped
abasement body
language stunned
at source





pillared inscriptions
space framed
vacancies barely
somatic trailing
the ley
lines scripts
progress lineage
from hand-
to footprints
on-screen rockface
for urban
narration nomadic
silver linings
stripped out





global hub
Civility glass-ceilinged
Onlooker sublet
skyline blitzed
morning gridlock
to occult
night shift
Toxic floorspace
exchange palatial
alias free
trade backdated
deadhand tenement
transfers archived





[Adrian Clarke co-edited issues of Angel Exhaust with Steven Pereira and Andrew Duncan and of the irregular AND magazine with Bob Cobbing and Ulli Freer; he is now with the Veer Books editorial collective. Poetry collections include Ghost Measures (Actual Size, 1987), Skeleton Sonnets (Writers Forum, 2002) Eurochants (Shearsman, 2010), and Possession (2007), Drastic Measures (rev. ed. 2016) and Excess Measures (2015), all from Veer.]

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